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This may not seem like much to the tough guys out there, but it is a great feeling to know that, at the age of almost 64, I can still walk for 15 km over a route that includes a steep mountain ascent, carrying a backpack. That happened yesterday, as part of my training for Operation Leopard.

Track up the Kobee Mountain

My training regime consists of the following: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I walk halfway up the Kobee Mountain, carrying a backpack containing a few bricks. At the moment the weight is 15 kg, but I intend to increase this to about 18 kg or 20 kg by the end of November. The purpose of these walks is to build strength and become accustomed to carrying a load over steep terrain. On Sundays I go for long walks with a lighter pack, the objective being to develop endurance, both mentally and physically. Mondays and Fridays are ‘rest’ days.

But more about Operation Leopard.

The training that I have been writing about is aimed at a solo backpacking trip that I plan to undertake in December 2012. The area that I plan to visit is fairly wild and uninhabited, and leopard are often found there. So, I decided to call my planned trip Operation Leopard. I must admit that there is a measure of tongue-in-cheek in this, but it would certainly add to the thrill of the adventure if I came across leopard.