Wednesday afternoon the east wind started blowing and continued furiously throughout the night. Yesterday morning it was still blowing hard and I was tired after a sleepless night—I find it impossible to sleep when the east wind blows. As a result, I skipped my training walk yesterday, which didn’t do much to improve my mood.

By last night the wind had stopped, but it was hot and I was tired and irritable; to crown it all, Lana and I argued about something stupid. So, I went and slept on the front porch where it was relatively cool.

When I woke up this morning my mood had not improved, so I decided that I couldn’t miss another training walk. After Lana left for work, I pulled on my boots and swung the pack of bricks onto my back. Away I marched, up the mountain track. Part of the way up the track there is an old bathtub that serves as a drinking trough for sheep. It is filled with clear spring water and, as usual, I stopped there to pour water over my head before continuing.

I was trying to get rid of my bad mood, so I set a strong pace, heart pounding. I usually stop a few times for a breather, but not this morning—I continued until I reached the turn-around point, where I stopped and absorbed the silence that was broken only by my slowly decreasing heart beat and the song of birds. There, looking over the landscape below me, I felt the bad mood slipping away…

When I returned home, I treated myself to a light breakfast of oats, an apple, a banana, a boiled egg and a glass of milk.

Life is good!