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This morning I added another brick to my training rucksack, bringing the total weight to 20 kg. This is the limit that I’ve set for myself, and I’ll be training with this weight for the next month, until I depart on my adventure.

No, I don’t intend to load the whole pile!

I chose a slightly different route for this morning’s walk, so I headed for the foothills of the Kobee. About 1.5 km from home, I came across a number of Aardvark burrows. ‘Aardvark’ is an Afrikaans word which directly translates into ‘earth pig’.

The Aardvark is a shy, nocturnal mammal that excavates extensive burrows. Here are some photographs.

Aardvark (Credit: Chris and Tilde Stuart, “Mammals of Southern Africa Field Guide”)

The first burrow, with a 500 millilitre bottle to show relative size

Inside the burrow

Two burrows found a short distance from the first one