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Tonight I worked on Chapter 3 of my e-book about my mountain bike adventure in the Richtersveld Mountain Desert back in 1993. One forgets many details after such a long time, but fortunately, I found some articles that I had written for magazines, and these help to fill in the gaps.

When I took that trip I didn’t have the luxury of a digital camera; all my pictures were taken on 35 mm slide film with my faithful old Canon A1, which I still have but don’t use anymore. I have kept all those slides and some of them have been handled quite badly by magazine publishers. But I have a  good slide scanner and it has been fun to scan some of those slides, and to ‘doctor’ them with GIMP, a very good open source image manipulation program on a par with PhotoShop.

Here I am in the Richtersveld, looking out over the Orange River where it starts its great northward loop on its way to Alexander Bay on the West Coast. A tripod is a must for solo adventures …

A possible candidate for the front cover background?

Looking at these pictures I can feel the beginnings of another adventure stirring deep inside me …

Hold on! There is already one in the pipeline!