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Yesterday, Lana was going to join me on my Sunday hike, but at the last minute she decided to stay. So, instead of going for a hike, I decided to go for a jog.

Cross country running shoes

I’ve had these running shoes for almost a year but I used them two or three times only when I had short-lived visions of becoming fit again. However, since I started training for my hike a few  months ago, I have become fit, and I decided to include running in my training. So off I went yesterday; not far admittedly, but I could feel that I had acquired a level of fitness that I didn’t have three months ago. What a good feeling!

My training program is now as follows. Monday: a rest day; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: running; Wednesday and Friday: uphill training walk with 20 kg pack; and Sunday: the usual long (at least 15 km) hike. In between I do some light weight lifting with a set of dumbbells to improve the strength of my arms and shoulders.