A year ago someone gave me this ‘pig oven’ as a gift, and what a useful gift it turned out to be.

It is made out of an old fire extinguisher with a few bits of metal added. Simply place the food to be cooked (or bread to be baked) inside the tube and place hot embers on top and underneath.

Yesterday, being a beautiful, cool day, we decided to do some outdoor cooking for a change. The pig oven has not been used in a long while, so I thought it would be a pleasant change to cook some vegetables in the little oven. But first I gave it a much-needed coat of quick-drying heat resistant paint.

Next, I prepared the vegetables: onions, potatoes, carrots, butternut and green pepper. This was placed in an oven-proof dish and sprinkled with black pepper and some rosemary leaves. The dish was then covered with aluminium foil and placed in the pig oven. While the vegetables were cooking, I placed some pork chops on the grill.


By the way, the onion is a good indicator of when the vegetables are cooked—the aroma that escapes from the oven is a tell-tale sign.