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frontpage-smallerMy latest ebook, The Road Winding Among the Mountains—Story of an Epic Bicycle Journey to the Richtersveld Mountain Desert, has finally been published. It is my second book, written in English. The first was a very short story, written in Afrikaans.

The Road Winding, although not a very long story, took several years to finish, for several reasons: lack of motivation, procrastination, other commitments, etc. But towards the end of 2015 I tackled the job again, and before I knew it, the book was almost finished, with only final proof reading and editing to be done.

I had hoped to publish the book before Christmas, but the holiday spirit overcame me, with the result that publication was postponed until January 2016.

My book is available from the following distributors: Smashwords, as well as iTunes and Kobo.

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